What is the difference between “residential and commercial” you ask?
Well, with commercial and residential companies being identical, it’s sometimes important to know the difference between the two, mainly because it saves you a lot of time by avoiding the fact that you may call the wrong type of company for your specific needs.
Let’s get more insight on the two, this could help you decide which to choose.

What material are to be painted?
Its simpler than you may think, but residential paint companies focus a lot more on homes and living spaces, whereas commercial paint companies focus more around businesses and industrial places/areas.
If we could make this simpler or clearer, house painters will work more with materials found home buildings, like wood and siding.

Commercial building types would have a wider option such as, aluminium, stainless steel, concrete, stucco, and every other type of materials used in homes.
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How big is the project?
The work load for commercial project companies are usually much greater than your usual residential home renovation project. It requires more man power, more preparation, it is more costly, requires more time to complete, etc.
Whereas residential contractors might not be professional in enough in those areas, especially in having the necessary tools that commercial contractors might have, and the equipment and materials.

But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t contact a reliable paint company in West Palm Beach, because some residential paint companies are willing to step up to the task and do what they can if you’re not in any rush to have it complete.

What is your deadline?
This might be a little tough to get a peace of mind of because residential paint companies only work within daylight business hours and days of the week.
Any good paint company within West Palm Beach should adapt to your times and fit your schedule and with the right equipment to be able to work at night.

What kind of supplies and materials will be needed for project completion?
Some buildings and structures might require a coating for protection and to be able to withstand wear and tear than your common structures and buildings. But the right paint contractor will know everything he needs to, to be able to explain this to you in more basic detail.

Will you need more than just painting works? Sometimes what you may know about paint jobs are limited to just moving furniture out the way and painting, but sometimes jobs require more than just moving belongings out of the way to paint. Some homes might need to be re-plasted or branded before being painted, some don’t, but our trusted painters at A1A West Palm Beach will know exactly what to do when doing your home.

That Get It Right
Painters In West Palm Beach is here to make your life’s easier.
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Why hire Painting Contractors?
Hiring Painters In West Palm Beach is not only great for our professionalism, but it saves you time and struggle. At Painters In West Palm Beach, we have all the experience, manpower and skills to do the best job we possibly could.

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Different Walkways to Liven Your Home
Walkways are more than just stones or bricks laid out in the ground to help you get pass dirt or grass. It is a beautiful way of increasing the benefits of getting into your home with no trouble and giving your home the beautiful look it deserves.
At Walkway Paving Boca Raton we offer all types of pave work, giving you the best walkway you will ever see.

Walkways have been a classic architectural floor plan for centuries. Literally, centuries.
From the grand castles of Europe, to simple walkways in South Africa’s gardens.
Walkways can be found anywhere across the globe.
While you may thing walkways are simple and straight to the task type designed, it’s really more than that. Each walkway has its own flair of design and adding either, versatility or simplicity to a place. Making every property unique.
Below we have out together some ideas for anyone interested in walkway paving.

Front Walkway
The greatest thing about walkway paving is that, paving your property an makes your simple front lawn into a grand entrance when you’re walking into your home. It really adds to your homes design and value.
Usually done with natural stones or clay bricks, walkways can add more to your entrance home appeal.
It’s also beneficial if you’re going out with heels or have a car which you’d like to park in front of your house.

Garden Walkway
Walkways has always been seen in romantic movies, where you’d find the camera man and actors try to focus more on the background and environment that would feature beautiful walkways, while they’re in the picture.
Walkways have been used effectively in large gardens, these walkways can also act as a protection layer on the ground, to save your precious , beloved flowers in your gardens. These paves also adds to the magic of your home, making your walkway a magical place to pass by if you have flowers and plants on the side.

Poolside Walkways
At Walkway Paving Boca Raton, we don’t just offer paving to those who want to pave in front of their homes or gardens, but around pools too.
We understand the danger in not having proper flooring when it comes to wetness and slippery floors. But at Walkway Paving Boca Raton, you can get professional insight on the best floor of your choice for your poolside.

If you’re interested in either of the information given, leave your details on our form and we’ll contact you.
We’d love to enquirer our options with you and give you the best, affordable pave jobs at Walkway Paving Boca Raton. By filling in our also get a free quote on what it will cost you for the job.

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How To Install Tiles Yourself Or Hire A Tile Contractor

Laying tiles is one of the more demanding home improvement works. Nevertheless, it is not magic and who has the knowledge and the necessary tools can achieve very good results with practice and save a lot of money.

The tools and aids required depend on the amount of work involved and can be found below for tools for laying tiles . But before the first tiles are laid, the correct installation plan is crucial. Especially with the modern large tiles, it is very important where which tiles are cut. A wrong joint can also make a perfectly tiled and clean grouted bathroom look ugly. Likewise, good tools are important and who is facing a house renovation or a complete interior work, should not save the wrong end. An electric nipper costs a bit more, but pays off and makes the job easier.

Check the adhesive carefully

Before installing tiles, the adhesive must meet certain criteria. As with all flooring work, it should be level, dry, free of dust and grease . In addition, the surface must not suck too much. This would quickly pull the moisture out of the tile adhesive and disturb a good setting.

Therefore, it is generally advisable to treat plaster or screed with a primer. This binds fine dust particles and regulates the absorption behavior of the adhesive.

Seal walk-in shower and wet area

The wet area includes not only the shower but also the surfaces around a bathtub or washbasin. These areas, as well as water-sensitive adhesives require special protection against penetrating water.

Particularly suitable for this are coating or liquid film, which are offered by different manufacturers as complete sealing systems . In addition to the liquid foil, these often also include sealing tape, corners or sleeves, which are needed for a perfect seal. For a secure connection, the surface to be sealed should generally be treated with a suitable primer. If recommended products from a manufacturer are used, this ensures the compatibility of the individual components.

The procedure is almost always similar, but the manufacturer’s instructions should be read and followed.

1.Pre-treat the adhesive with the primer and observe the drying time.

2.The liquid foil is applied with a roller or paint brush and the sealing tape and required corners or sleeves are incorporated into the paint.

3.After the specified drying time, another coat of paint is applied, in which the sealing tape is completely painted over.

Apply tile adhesive

Once the adhesive has been prepared and the necessary dimensions, such as the tile level, are marked, the tile adhesive is mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and applied with the notched trowel. Please pay attention to the required tooth size.

Scour the tile adhesive several times with the notched trowel until the result is a uniform image. It is important to always pay attention to the same attitude of the trowel. If the trowel is set flat, less tile adhesive is applied than at a steeper angle. Apply only as much glue as can be processed in a short time. Edge tiles, which must be cut, should therefore be glued together better.

Tile Installation

Depending on where tiles are to be cut, the first tile is started on the opposite side . If a tiled mirror is required at a certain height, it tilts from top to bottom and cuts the bottom tile. It is easier to tile from the bottom up and let the tile mirror end with a complete tile. This saves a lot of cutting work and waste. The finished height can vary depending on the tile size and joint width. If the tiles are previously laid on the floor with tile crosses, the finished height can be easily determined.

In internal corners tiles are cut with an expansion joint and the next wall is continued with the remaining piece. In this case, the distance should be chosen so large that the tiles do not touch, but the gap can be covered with a silicone joint.

Important tips for arranging the tiles can be found in our laying plan for tiles and under natural stone tiles.