Two Different Types of Metal For Your Metal Roof

We will address the kinds of metals that can be used for roofing in this paper. As always, if you consider any of the following, we would recommend you to use a local roofing firm. When you’re in Cape Town, for instance, consider repairing a Roof, with a company which you can trust to repair and install a fresh roof, like claremont roofing.


For almost all residential metal roofs, including standing seams, shake, shingles and slate-profiles, Aluminum Shingle Metal Roof — Shake GrayLight, resistant to corrosion and durability, aluminium is a excellent choice. It is an optimal metal for coastal and other fields where steel may be at risk and aluminum is never to rust. It is an incredibly lengthy life span because of Aluminum’s resistance to rust. The cap on the Washington Monument in 1885 was one of the first architectural aluminum ##s. At around this moment aluminum separation procedures from bauxite, and the production of construction grade aluminum alloys became effective enough for the construction sector to make aluminum a feasible choice. Aluminum was previously regarded as a valuable metal.

Galvalume Steel

Basis carbon / iron steel is also known as galvalume steel, covered with aluminum and zinc alloy. If you add aluminum with zinc, you will magnify both beneficial and negative properties of aluminum. Galvalume steel is also highly corrosion resistant since aluminum itself offers barrier protection against galvanic as opposed to galvanic, because it is highly corrosion resistant. The negativity of aluminum in the alloy is that it does not protect itself from scratches or cutting edges, as does galvanized steel.

In the forming of steel in different metal roof profiles, the galvalume zinc / aluminum and the zinc coating of galvanized zinc are thinly spread over the metal areas, where there are deep folds or tight bends, so thinly that the covering tended to form microscopic crevices. Galvanized steel can safeguard the scratches with little damage due to the galvanic action of zinc. The aluminum in the alloy, however, somehow neutralizes zinc galvanic properties with galvanic steel, and therefore the galvalume steel can not protect itself against breaks or other scratches.

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