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Our shock resistant windows have a pressure rating of up to DP100 and a water penetration of up to 15 PSF. The doors are strong enough to withstand the storm and flying debris of Category 5’s strongest hurricanes. This is the first and only vinyl windows on level E. Impact resistant windows and doors. We are happy to offer iHurricane Impact Windows South Florida and door at the highest price with unparalleled customer service!

How do we do that? We produce all our own doors and windows to buy your windows directly. This removes the need for “mediate” advertising, which guarantees better quality of your brand at a better price! The best thing is that these windows protect not only against storms and hurricanes but also provide other benefits, such as the reduction of noise, UV protection and safety against invasion. Contact us for your west palm beach impact windows

How does the hurricane work for Windows?
One problem with regular windows is that they have a small glass covering that breaks up easily when exposed to external forces. Laminated glass The impact windows however are strong enough with laminated glass to withstand strong winds and flying waste. Two techniques are available for this glass: inner membrane processing and use of scratch resistant films.

Energy efficiency: All our doors are energy-efficient. Performance frame and screws, heavy weather stripping multi-layered, airtight insulation chambers, pressure bulb seal and warm-edge spacing systems all help to block the penetration of air at lower costs of cooling and heating.
UV protection: unlike a transparent isolated glass unit made with regular windows, the new Lo Silver 3-340 glass is displayed on all our doors. This glass is more than just a solar control panel; in advanced models it has a very small U-factor of 0.25 and a SHGC of 0.18.

This reduced warmth and energy in the cold and hot weather and eliminated fading considerably for furniture, carpets, draperies and almost everything inside the house.

With the first “C” storm in the season approaching land, we thought it was an excellent time to focus on protecting hurricanes, particularly when your windows are being shielded from high-speed, ever so dangerous winds and debris. The hurricane season lasts from June to November and the high season is between mid-August and the end of October.

Wood is usually the first thing that most people need to cover their doors, but is that the safest option? Here at with a 16 mm target= “blank” > polygal we welcome all of you to cover all outer windows. There are several explanations why Polygal should be mounted.

  1. Weight to power ratio 2. Blackout visibility 3. 3. Sustainable 4. They are REUSABLE for years!