Painters West Palm Beach

Painters West Palm Beach

Have a paint idea in mind that you wish would come to life? Well we may be just the company you need to fulfil your paint dreams by doing them professionally and skilfully. With any type of style or any unique color that you have in mind, we are reliable in every sense to see your project through. We will assure you that when we’re done with your property, you will be satisfied.

With so much skill and ability to see your project through, you could say that we have been born for just this. So don’t do it yourself and be led to disappointments, trust us with your paint job because we can see it through. If you’re also struggling to decide which paint type to choose for your building, then don’t sweat it, because in this blog we got you covered. We’ve created a list on the best and common paint types you could find.

Paints And Their Types

There are many types of house paint you could find. And deciding which to go for can be an overwhelming experience because they can be a lot to handle. So here is a quick guide as to which types of paint there is around.

Primer Paint

Primer paint is not necessarily a paint type, but it helps the paint adhere to the surface you’re covering. It goes on before anything else when painting. They’re quite important for any paint job and won’t let you down if you want to paint on any wall type. They can be found in almost any hardware store and are easy to apply. They also give your paint job a pop and causes your paint color to show in a much nicer way.

Oil-based and Water-based House Paint

Oil-based paints are made with oil, and water-based with water. Generally speaking, oil-based paints are more durable, shiny, and take longer to dry and thus cost a fair bit more in purchasing than water-based ones. Oil paint is undoubtedly better than water paints.

But water paint you would use more for indoors and for a project that you would want to be quick dried. Water paints are easier to remove while oil paints require a variety of chemicals to remove, so keep that in mind.

If you’re interested in our paint services, than consider us and we will gladly help you and plus, we’ll quote you for free.