A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal Experts

Popcorn ceilings were very common between 1960 and 1990 in Pompano Beach homes and companies. They were the option of contractors for a cheap technique of camouflage imperfections in the texture of ceilings. Nowadays, when individuals in Pompano Beach modernize their homes, popcorn ceilings are often removed. Since 1996, A1A Popcorn Ceiling Remove in Pompano Beach has been an experienced and respected painting contractor and popcorn ceiling removal contractor.

This is one task you’re sure to outsource! It is a chaotic, time consuming task to remove these popcorn bumps from the ceilings. The ceiling must be saturated and scraped smoothly with a chemical solution. Particular care must be taken not to gouge the drywall or repair job. Let A1A Popcorn Ceiling Remove the popcorn ceilings from your home or company at Pompano Beach. Our experts in painting are competent in removing popcorn and can do the work rapidly and cost-effectively. All the floors and furnishings will be protected and nothing but beautiful new ceilings will be left behind.

A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal professionals in Pompano Beach have been removing popcorn ceilings for over 23 years. Our professional painters are sure that they safeguard your property and take very efficient and affordable care of this chaotic work. We will give a fair quote and finish the task in a reasonable moment. After we remove the popcorn, we can re-texture your ceiling into a more contemporary style. Your fresh, modern ceiling will thrill you!

Are you looking for a drastic manner to enhance your home or office in Pompano Beach? The removal of popcorn ceiling is an simple and inexpensive way to enhance your home or office nearly overnight dramatically.

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Acoustic or popcorn, as it is called, are small styro-foam-mixed pellets of mud. It has issues with this sort of texture on your ceilings. It flows off when it is touched, yellows over time in the sunlight. Without risking your ceiling, you can’t paint it all over the ground, plus it’s an obsolete look.

We have better alternatives for you at A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal. Popcorn can be removed and ceilings re-textured. Many contemporary textures can be applied or we can make them smooth. The impact of smooth ceilings considerably “opens up” a space.

It’s chaotic in a nutshell. The nice news is that we’re cleaning it up. We respect your home and your property and leave every task as we went in. Our objective is to satisfy you 100%.

When a specialist popcorn ceiling removal company in Pompano Beach removes your popcorn ceilings, they are prepared for a texture or a soft preparation. Usually, it is hard for clients to choose what they want. However, our input is to select a clean ceiling finish. The advantages: Whatever the texture of your walls, it opens up your room and gives you the illusion of bigger spaces, it is very modern!