A1A Tile Installation

A1A Tile Installation has been in the tile installation business for decades now and with all the experience and skill to work with ceramic, porcelain and everything else, we’ve constantly been asked, “But why tiles?”, and we thought now is a great time to answer why we prefer tiles over all the other options out there.

Why tiles?
Tiles are so beneficial, probably more beneficial than you can think right now. They’re slick, clean, modern, versatile, easy to adapt with any building or home, cheap to maintain, the list can go way on. Our company has seen many grateful, satisfied customers over the years, we’ve done so many different tile layouts and patterns for them. And we’re still going strong until now, in fact, we’re even stronger and wiser. So let us inspire you more reason to choose tiles.
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Easy to clean
We all know how much time it takes to clean your home and the hassle it can be for those kinds of dirt that just won’t go away no matter how hard we scrub or try to clean off. But with tiles, it’s easy, easy to mop and quick to clean. It’s also difficult to scratch, with its strong glass laminated coating, you can still have your usual furniture on it without worrying if it may scratch or damage.

A wide variety
Tile are unbelievably famous, therefore there are so many options to go with when choosing tiles as your choice of flooring. With so many colors and designs, your options are limitless when it comes to designing your homes floors.

It’s cost-effective
Tiles are affordable and the pricing that comes with it, is great. With easy to maintain flooring, tiles can last you a long time without breaking your pocket, regardless of the activities that might be used on it.

Mix and match
Tiles are very versatile and you can change anything about it, from arranging them in different colours or patterns, whatever you like to try you can do it with tile flooring and even if you’d like it on your walls or ceiling, we can help you achieve that at A1A Tile Installation.

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