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The Business Administration course provides the necessary knowledge for students to apply the basic business concepts so that they can protect the work environment and use the available information systems. Students will learn simple business and personal spending facts, and will be better able to meet business and personal financial goals. The course will provide a better understanding of team dynamics and improve people-related skills through an understanding of human resource management, customer relationships and service capacity.

The office administrator is central to the efficient functioning of any office environment and the general administrative functions of all offices are similar. This course aims to familiarize students with these general tasks, including administration of office supplies, introduction of record management systems, and handling of small cash.

Are you looking for short office admin courses? You might have been able to study short courses at ICB Office Admin in the past. This actually fell and is no longer offering ICB Courses. Nevertheless, you can still do these short courses at one of the many ICB-accredited distance-learning course providers. You can take any of the subjects from a full ICB course as a single subject-short course.

This course will provide you with a solid foundation for the main office administration positions and management principles. The course aims to create a theoretical understanding of the underlying concepts of office administration as well as the role of efficient and effective office management processes within the context of modern organization.   

The short course will provide you with a variety of skills like implementing management systems, keeping confidential information, dealing with customers, handling office supplies, networking, meeting plans and more.

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Look for an Adventure in Lifetime? Then go no further. Come and enjoy some of Southern Africa’s finest, with Lesotho guided tour. Between 1 Day to Multi-Day we offer fully supported adventure bike tours. We offer a sale option, too. Please see our Rentals page for more information . 

We cross Lesotho’s southern border and climb the Senqu River and then travel to Sehlabathebe National Park where we will spend one night in the most remote camp you can imagine. The ride to and from the park is great too! We leave Lesotho and spend the night at the foot of Sani Pass, where there is a rest day and a trip to Durban in the cards.we offer some of the most diverse riding terrain offered to ride other than Lesotho itself.All skill level riders welcome. We are able to change to rides on the fly to suit your skill level and fitness

Mountain biking is rising in Lesotho as a sport and we enjoy playing a part in that. Although the race’s mood is lighthearted, for the fainthearted it is definitely not. We’re not building small bridges or manicure trails. All of the riding is carried out on real mountain trails made up of rural African life and mother nature. This is just as close to a real mountain bike race you’re going to get.

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Sportaflex Fencing is now available and assembled into one piece to create a temporary, mobile, or compact outfield home run fence with no gaps or 200′ overlap from home plate.

Install with pole alone or with Optional Ground Sockets to speed up setup and removal. Simply roll up the temporary fence with the poles in place after down and you’ll be ready for a quick setup next time. 4’H clamping available in red, black or blue. Just imagine choosing our easy home run kits for your handy outfield fence as well.

On Deck Sports you’ve got a huge range of outfield fencing solutions for your baseball and softball area. To build a realistic baseball outfield scroll through our wide range of Sportaflex Fencing. From youth leagues to professional level, we offer complete in-ground and off-ground fencing solutions to compact, mobile, and temporary fencing. 

High schools, colleges, and other athletic facilities tend to phase out practices such as chain links to softball and other fencing on hard surfaces. Sportaflex Fencing Security provides a new, creative alternative that enhances security simultaneously while meeting the needs of all concerned.

Enhanced convenience for maintenance: Foul posts, foul territory mesh, mesh supports, and other parts will form part of the portable softball fence you get. These individual components make it quick and easy to install and disassemble (in less than 90 minutes), meaning you won’t experience any major headaches. When you’re done with it for the season, you can store it much more efficiently than other fencing methods and that also means you can re-use the fields during off-season for other sports.

Many body stores as well as other types of businesses and organizations need a secure area. Body shops with large back rooms need secure areas where cars and trucks can be stored away from suspicious and more sinister-intentioned individuals. Sportaflex Fence provides this form of fencing for anyone needing a secure area. If you want to keep your business in a private area, or keep people out, please contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.

Metal roofing panels are made of the highest recycled steel and aluminum content, enabling the regularly inclusion of metal roofing and other metal construction items on the list of green and sustainable building materials. Our roofing experts will answer any questions you may have about your current or future project. To receive a quote and free consultation contact us.
The customers relied on us for a long time to supply high-quality, reliable metal roofing products to suit their diverse needs. FAST is cooling down our Roof! Recyclable at 100 per cent. Does not run rusty. Winds can resist the intensity of hurricanes. The harsh weather, salty air, bright sunlight and fierce storms bounce harmlessly off your wall. As a supplier of high-quality metal roofing solutions we are proud to be supplying our customers with our many products and services. Choosing Metal Roofing from Hawaii will give you peace of mind for many years to come. In re-roofing projects metal roofing can often be put over the original roof, thereby saving costs in removal and disposal. We can custom fabricate flashings from ridge roll to drip edge on our computerized sheet metal tab. We produce high-quality, precision parts using the latest technology to complete your roof kit. Flat sheets are also available which are compatible with your metal roofing. To complete the roof system, closure strips, flashing sealant tape, vent pipe jacks, and other additional components are in stock.

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In addition, they can even be designed to withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour, which is extremely useful from the hurricane force against strong winds. Although slate and tile shingles also have a proven track record against these wind speeds, they can be up to 75 percent heavier than metal roofing materials, which translates into a significant load on the rest of the building.
If ever damaged or in need of repair, you can often apply new metal over the original material, thereby saving you money. In addition to keeping the heat off your roof, the paint also helps prevent the underlying metal from premature chipping, pitting or oxidation that can occur if left untreated. Such luxury paints, available in a variety of colors and finishes, are remarkably sturdy to fad and weather, ensuring your roof remains vibrant and durable for decades to come. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right roofing contractor, the right roofing product and the right price to protect your home.
Re-roofing isn’t something you do very often but we do it. For many years we have built beautiful lifetime warranty roofs in Hawaii and we would love to help you find the right roofing solution for your home or construction project.

Our team delivers high-end customer service throughout the entire process of remodelling. My customers can get free consulting on design, support from my contractors, timely construction, quality construction, and more. Remodeling this course would make the kitchen of our customers an exclusive dream space for our home customers. Our team are the makingers of countless dream kitchens. Our team is also remodeling the bathrooms, because that room really needs our attention.
We make sure that your addition meets your needs and becomes a working, enjoyable place to enjoy. Bathroom design and the art of remodeling. Products and solutions based on your desires, your style and your budget. We’ve built a framework and a process as a full-service design firm that allows you to still live a life in the midst of a challenging disruption. Each step of the way, we are with you, from inspiration to completion.
Maybe it’s the home your kids grew up in or you might see beyond the little worn kitchen and see your home’s potential. Hurst worked with many clients to restructure one room at a time, or all at once in their home. The team is specialized in a number of remodeling projects and aims to meet the clients ‘ needs from start to finish. Food needs to look its best for our customers! Our team makes sure our clients have a beautiful conference and dining room from their countertops to their cabinets and flooring. The team knows this is where the guests enjoy meeting and the space that sells the house, so the team looks fantastic.

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We ask our clients to complete a survey at the end of each project to help us better understand where it is due and identify any areas that we need to focus on. Below are quotations from these surveys taken directly from clients. Though making a big change to your home is exciting and rewarding, it might seem overwhelming too. Remodeling has, therefore, created a unique method for leading each project from concept to reality.
With innovative design, excellent craftsmanship, superior materials, professional customer service and ethical business practices, we are committed to serving our customers and employees by delivering high quality and reliability. We also believe in a fundamental set of values that guide us every day. With everyone we meet and talk to, we aspire to be professional, trustworthy, friendly, dedicated, honest and responsible. From concept consultation to budgeting of various improvements, we will direct you through the entire process. We will work with you and remain within your financial means, irrespective of whether you are looking for a complete design or limited upgrades. Hey, when it comes to meeting the needs for improvement, sky is the limit.

Whether you need vinyl windows, bathroom renovation or another type of home renovation, turn to the professionals. We are a family owned and -operated home remodeling company offering turnkey services to our customers. We have built a reputation as one of the most reputable home improvement companies in the region, and are proud to offer the best customer service possible. When you work with us you will be kept in the loop every step of the way. We ensure this by pairing you with a production coordinator which remains your single point of contact throughout your project. We look forward to your favorite contractor for years to come. If your home needs a project to install a window, you can rest assured you’ll be in more than capable hands. Our team is highly skilled in the design of replacement windows and our top-notch pieces can leave your home more energy efficient than ever. That’s because vinyl windows are built to minimize drafts and help keep your home at a consistent year-round temperature. We have built a network of realtors and property managers who use our professional team to handle everything from rental property maintenance to punch lists to the restoration and remodeling of investment properties.

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We understand that as a homeowner it can seem intimidating to commit to a home renovation. Our team takes time to understand your goals and vision, so you can feel confident to take the next steps to make your dream home a reality.
From the inside out, we make it our job to highlight your personal style and build a home that’s a beautiful representation of you. From upgrading your kitchen and living spaces to changing paint and other accents, our team is with you every step of the way. After all, that is your journey and we want you to enjoy it! When remodeling your house, it’s important to choose a firm that you can trust. Our team will treat your home with utmost respect, and ensure that your architectural designs become a reality. Our professional staff has years of experience in design, procurement, architecture and construction, so you can achieve the highest quality results for your house. Our highly trained project managers and general contractors will provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and assured knowledge of the product, with several years of home improvement experience. Our services include consulting, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home renovations, outdoor living designs, new construction and improvements, demolition / cleanup and much more. With our attention to detail and expertise, you get your dream house at a competitive price, with long-term guarantees.

We offer services like roof repair, roof cleaning and building new roofs. If you have questions as to how much a new roof will cost, or how much it could cost to repair a roof, no problem! Our estimators on roofing are prompt and accurate and the best estimate is safe!
Architectural shingles may include specific cutouts or no cutouts at all, and they laminate their lower parts with an additional asphalt surface. This creates the contoured, dimensional appearance which gives them their name. Asphalt sealant binds the layers and thus boosts the waterproof capability of the shingles. Usually and architecturally shingle roof (or shingle roof dimensional as they are sometimes called) will have longer life and warranty than a shingle with three tabs. A strong ventilation system assists the whole structure of the building. It can help to reduce the cooling costs during the summer while maintaining a moisture-free environment in the winter. It is very important not to overdo it all that’s said about ventilation. Having too much ventilation in the attic area can cause problems of condensation due to extreme temperature changes. Like everything that happens, in combination with building size and use, ventilation must be balanced between soffit intake and ridge vent exhaust.

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For instance, it is important to use a building when calculating airflow, because a house is not the same as a free standing garage without insulation. To suit your needs we provide metal from a range of different manufacturers. Our goal is to produce the highest quality product, with a stunning, long-lasting curb appeal. Metal roofing will last longer than shingles but will make the roofing job more costly. The tale of quieter asphalt shingles than metal roofs is not real! Please see Services and Production Standards. Potential colors when a patch is needed can be hard to match. Metal manufacturers can void a warranty if your environment contains high salt content. Check out the manufacturing contract from which you intend to buy your roof. At the top of the list is illustrated the towns with the most places. The services of the contractors in the roofing sector can vary.
In addition, keep reading below about the most impacting issues for roofers and homeowners, including insurance, roof designs and roof specific issues. We have done more than just “hang on the roofs”— we have focused on developing long-term relationships with our clients and neighbors. Almost every roof service for your residential or commercial property will be completed by our family-owned and operated business including leak and roof repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation. We do drug testing and background inspections for all of our workers. Our professional roofers do everything from siding, walls and canopies and shingle and metal roofing.

Our company offers residential roofing, industrial roofing, and roof repair services. We invite you to contact us about the particulars of your roofing designs. During your appointment we will listen to your needs and concerns about your new roof or roof repair. After our meeting, we will prepare a complimentary roofing estimate that takes into account the needs of your company and the budget parameters. No project is too big or too tiny. We look forward to working together to welcome you into our happy circle of customers. With our roofing experience we are able to foster great working relationships with our customers based on outstanding roofing methods, high safety standards and good prices. It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to be familiar with those rules and to ensure that they are applied when a roof is replaced. It does make a difference whether the roof is asphalt shingle, concrete, slate, cedar shake or any other roof. Helps ventilation in any kind of building. Metal roofing improves it’s look more than just protecting your home. Contact us to see how metal roofing might work to boost your home’s look and resale value. Energy Star certified high reflective paint systems can save homeowners up to 40 per cent on heating and cooling costs. Read more about the performance benefits of metal-roofing. Better weather resilience, resistance to the impacts of hail and a stronger barricade in the face of strong wind are just the beginning of the advantages you achieve by opting for new metal roofing.

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Need a leaky emergency roof patch? Is it time to replace the old roof? At this roofing specialist we offer a full range of services including roof inspections, roof repairs, re-roofing, and roof replacements for your home or business. You may also see our trucks at many new home and business sites, as we are often the roofer of choice for many home and building contractors in the area. We have experience with all types of residential roofing material from shingles to cedar, metal to aluminum, slate, and flat roof membranes. Our state-of – the-art shop has the newest laser cutting equipment and specialist manufacturing equipment so there is no work out of our control. TRusts is the manufacturer of these products certified installer, and stands behind these manufacturers. Unsure what shingle fabricator is best for your home? Let’s back it up! With more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, we can work side by side with the homeowner to pick the right shingle, shingle material, texture and warranty that suits their budget and house. Three-tab shingles are characterized by cutouts— tabs, made along their long lower edge.

We are working with all the insurance companies in case of storm damage. We are a full-service residential roofing contractor focusing on high quality of service, industry-leading products and great price. If you encounter damage to the storm hail, the damage to the window screen is a good indicator that your home bore the brunt of the storm. If the screens were badly broken enough, the roof was likely hit even worse. Can you recall seeing granules on your sidewalk or driveway? Those from your trees or plants might not have been as you thought at the time. This was actually from the building. The roofing company has yard signs on its yards for your neighbors. If your roof has been damaged enough to be replaced, it is probably yours too. Allow the time to follow the necessary steps and realize that the professional contractors will be busy immediately after a major storm. Find out what you need, and who you are working with! If your roof is not leaking, usually it can wait until the contractor can schedule your roof, with which you feel most comfortable. Insurance companies can typically increase the time requirements for emergency cases.

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Call the experts to view the roofing contractors doing business near you. And we market our customers ethically. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the roofing industry, we contribute to superior service for our customers through awareness, cooperation and a high degree of honesty, loyalty and ethics. We will answer just about any questions the consumer may have, from the insurance claims to the supply. If we do not know we are going to find the answers. We are endorsed and affiliated with the most respected producers, suppliers & associations in the industry. It allows us to provide an incredible opportunity for a guarantee which is incomparable with the price. Our team of dedicated experts will guide you through the process of making your residential or business roof an educated decision. Our team has been established to be a reliable residential and commercial roofing contractor in delivering unparalleled service and quality work. Total security, safe bonding and full warranty solutions ensure we stand behind our work. So we’ve proven to be one of the best commercial and residential roofers to have what it takes. Our goal is to treat our customers and vendors as partners, hire the best people and always do the right thing. We are solid Rock and our years of experience show our commitment to our long-lasting customer relationships. Let us work with you on your residential and commercial roofing specifications for now and in the future. And our depth of experience and the relationships that we have established over the years were the most important components of our success.

Could you rely on installing residential roofing systems, steep slope roofing systems, tile roofing systems, standing metal roofing systems or removing roofing systems? Our roofing is the hallmark of residential roofing. Under our collective belts, we are a licensed, full-service roofing contractor with years of roofer experience. Our companies are committed to providing customer satisfaction at 100 percent and ensuring the highest quality of service, making us the best roofer choice for your roofing needs. Need qualified Assistance to the Roof? We could have helped. We have extensive knowledge of all roof types from conventional residential roofing systems, tile roofing systems, to standing metal roofing systems. Our certified roofers can also do asphalt shingles, gutters, repair hail damage, build steep slope roofing systems, and shake and/or shingle wood. Call us to find out more about what kind of material or roofing system you would like to install on your house. Preventive maintenance on the rooftop can increase roof life expectancy. A lack of proper care is one of the major causes for premature roof failures. Minor problems can potentially create much bigger problems which may in turn become more costly.

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The natural elements of our environment stress them every day, along with the natural process of aging the roof that passes through each roof system.
In place roof maintenance plans will increase the useful life of any roof and also protect the contents of the building. Therefore preventive roof maintenance can make the most economical sense. Gutter cleaning and maintenance of ducts is an important part of building management. The collection system is your gutters, at the bottom of your house. These are designed to divert water from your home to downspouts that run off. The water in curtains will sprinkle off your roof without gutters. Sadly, the gutters also accumulate waste, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt. If too much debris is accumulated in your gutters, the water should go nowhere and cleaning of the gutter is needed.

We use the highest quality products on the market and we have the experience, staff and resources to ensure smooth operation of the project. We’re going to make sure the work is done properly, on time. We are a reputable, full-service roofing contractor with the highest quality roofers, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are experienced in new roof construction and insurance claims, and will help you walk through the entire insurance claim process step by step. Are you waiting for what? We are a full-service roofing contractor focused on high quality service, best-in-class products and competitive pricing. The services include free roof repairs, free hail and wind storm damage assessments, roof repairs for single-family homeowners and multi-family neighborhoods.