fence installation

With many “Do It Yourself” guides on websites and forums, we understand why many would want to put up their own fences.
But easy and simple as putting up fences may seem sometimes, there are a lot more things to consider when putting up a fence, including regulations and property laws to consider. At Fence Installation, were more than just a simple fence company.

If you didn’t know, there is a legal height to be considered when putting up a fence without a permit.
With no intention to cause spite, this is a serious matter that the law take very seriously.
In most states, the highest fence which you’re able to build without a permit is 3 feet from the front and 6 feet high from the back or side.

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There is another observation to make; if a fence is built on your property line, it is technically both yours and your neighbors.

That is why it’s important to make sure you understand and agree to the rules and regulations of the state you’re under.
It may seem exaggerated but when your neighbor sell their house, you would be intruding on their property.

You also need to note that by repairing a fence, you will need legal requirements for this process. States such as Miami for example has a legal requirement for repairing wood or concrete fences and to repair or replacing fences could cost up to $1000 or higher in a residential area.

Likewise, that isn’t the only concern when it comes to building your own fence. But its pricier too.
If you ever build onto your neighbors property, they could file an injunction order against you and you would have to pay your neighbor up to halve the fences value.
So yes, it’s true and its legal for your neighbor to do this, so always be advised to get permission by your neighbor if you wish to build it yourself.

So if you want to avoid the stress and fear of any of the mentions above, call us today and we will consult with you on the best and affordable deal to make your life easier and getting registry sorted in the quickest legal way.