Juno Beach Concierge medicine

Patients subscribing to concierge medicine program don’t need an appointment and are always able to get in touch either with Jaclyn or Justin to receive quick access to their services.  This is particularly useful if you have ongoing health issues.

You can expect a shorter wait time. Your appointment will last longer, with Jaclyn or Justin asking more detailed questions about the state of your health before addressing your specific concerns.

They make personalized recommendations to address your particular symptoms and suggest how you can lead a healthier life.

Medicine reconciliation is an important part of any treatment plan. In addition to providing you with the time necessary for a full prescription consultation, our medical staff will manage, monitor and expedite the refilling of your daily medications.

 For those with existing medical concerns, we are able to spend more time caring for your specific needs and facilitating care with hospitals and specialists when needed. We invite you to look through our website and see the level of service included with your membership – our patients find their nominal investment yields significant benefits in wellness, convenience and comfort. 

In addition to a pharmacy stocked with common point-of-care medicines, our staff will place your prescription orders and expedite refills, saving you time and inconvenience.

Visit our website ”https://www.wellnessfirstjunobeach.com/

Ability to contact your physician at any time and schedule same-day appointments. Members can be assured that their healthcare issues will be addressed efficiently and effectively no matter where or when they occur.

There are no rushed visits because your doctor will consult with you until all of your questions have been answered. This allows us to focus on prevention and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Personalized care centered on your needs. Same-day or next-day appointments guaranteed

Whether you are new to the area or looking to develop a better relationship with a primary care doctor, you may want to consider us. For an annual fee, you enjoy enhanced access to your doctor as well as the opportunity to develop a stronger doctor-patient bond. Our concierge medical care offers a range of benefits designed to enhance your primary care experience. In addition to our expert doctors, our dedicated nursing, administrative, and clerical staff are always on hand. 

Concierge 24/7 Members can be assured that our friendly, knowledgeable staff will address their healthcare needs efficiently and effectively no matter where or when they occur.