Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roof may never be needed because of its quality and strength. And of course, everyone is happy and fully satisfied with their metal roofs. As a company who has installed many metal roofs before, we get little complaints and calls to ask for repairs. But once in a while we do get them however. Because we understand that some things does happen and we can do nothing to prevent them.

So that being said, here are some of the reasons which our past clients needed repairs or replacements for:


Damage goes first on the list. Even though they rarely get damaged, sometimes things happen, even if they’re out of our control. Usually because of storms, quakes and even fires, these metal roofing may get damaged and will need replacement. Those are also the most common reasons as to why these roofs need replacement.

Storms and heavy debris may be the reason there is a leak in your roof and even torn off sections. And depending on the damage that was done on your roof, justifying what to do, whether you can repair it or if you really need the entire roof to be replaced is up to the metal roof company. But many of the times the roofs don’t get that badly damaged and they just need to get a small repair. And this can be done in a single day. Quite awesome.

However, if you do need the entire roof to be replaced and then consider selling your damaged material to scrap and get some money back for it.

Wrong material usage

Sometimes the wrong material can be used in wrong areas. Like, some materials cannot withstand moist or salt. So for those living close to the beach, you will need to pick the right metal roofing that is able to sustain the weather and environment. Let’s take steel or zinc for example. Both metals are extremely durable and capable of taking a beating. Aluminum on the other is not. So if you live in a stormy and hail prone area, you should take this into consideration and choose something that is best suited to withstand your area.

Need a metal roof replacement?

If you’re in need of a metal roof replacement or repair, consider us, we specialise in all types of metal roof repair and replacement. Our team are trained and skilled to see the needs of every client met. So contact us now for a free quote.