Mother Nature Battle-Tested

Extreme weather drives the roofing sector. The weather causes the breaking off of dressing materials, whether powerful winds and storms, hail, snow, ice or brutal sun. Experience first-hand may be why you examine optionally metal roofing. Metal roofing wilmington nc knows everything. Here us out.


Metal roofs for their hail resistance are commonly regarded. Although storms may surely happen that do not release any roofing material, metal roofing provides excellent protection against leaks even when esthetic damage happens. Underwriters Lab (U.L.) 2218, a steel ball drop test that simulates the effect of hail on roofing materials, is the most widely accepted test of hail Resistance. U.L. pass metal roofs. The best rating at Class IV 2218. In this way, homeowners can receive discounts on their insurance premiums in many hail-prone countries. Moreover, steel roofing resists hail harm even when it age, unlike other roofing products. This is another great metal benefit.


Homes are commonly asked if a metal roof can attract lightning. Metal drives electricity, but it “draws” it not. There’s no proof of a higher danger of a lightning strike from metal roofing. In general, lightning hits the largest object and seldom the top of the house. Similarly, a flash protection expert can ground metal roofs.

Fire Safety

For fire ratings of Class A, B and C, most metal roofs are endorsed. In some instances, certain coding and fire classification specifications may need to be met. Metal roofs, however, are commonly known for their resistance to burning waste and airborne sparks. You may have a reduced insurance premium with a metal roof, particularly if you presently have a wood shingle or shake roof. In addition, the small weight of metal roofing minimizes the potential for cave-in in the tower in the case of a fire inside your house when the structure weakens. This can save your home and belongings and allow firefighters to put the fire out.

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