New oaks college (administration course)

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The Business Administration course provides the necessary knowledge for students to apply the basic business concepts so that they can protect the work environment and use the available information systems. Students will learn simple business and personal spending facts, and will be better able to meet business and personal financial goals. The course will provide a better understanding of team dynamics and improve people-related skills through an understanding of human resource management, customer relationships and service capacity.

The office administrator is central to the efficient functioning of any office environment and the general administrative functions of all offices are similar. This course aims to familiarize students with these general tasks, including administration of office supplies, introduction of record management systems, and handling of small cash.

Are you looking for short office admin courses? You might have been able to study short courses at ICB Office Admin in the past. This actually fell and is no longer offering ICB Courses. Nevertheless, you can still do these short courses at one of the many ICB-accredited distance-learning course providers. You can take any of the subjects from a full ICB course as a single subject-short course.

This course will provide you with a solid foundation for the main office administration positions and management principles. The course aims to create a theoretical understanding of the underlying concepts of office administration as well as the role of efficient and effective office management processes within the context of modern organization.   

The short course will provide you with a variety of skills like implementing management systems, keeping confidential information, dealing with customers, handling office supplies, networking, meeting plans and more.