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Looking for skills and knowledge to help your career progress? New Oaks College Online’s certification and degree programs are important and built to provide you with a competitive advantage in career training and advancement.

Research at Online Courses Cape Town, wherever you are in the world, with a short online course.

Study anytime, anywhere-all you need is a computer and internet access Join a group of learners around the world Get direct input on your learning from a qualified teacher Earn a Certificate of Participation if you complete your research and participate in debates Connectivity school resources for two years after your course is over.  You’ve got 18 months to complete the course after you launch it.

It’s fun–the courses have been written by our world-leading authors, every unit in the course has interactive exercises to test your understanding, classroom tasks to perform, and sections to practice your learning.

Completion Certificate-you will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion if you complete 80% of the tasks in the course and provide 75% of the class with appropriate responses.

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Progress monitor–you can see how you’re progressing in the course, and if you’re a mentor or co-ordinator for a teacher team you can see how each progresses.

New Oaks CollegeOnline is considered to be one of the top online education programs in the country. Distinguished professors teach courses at New Oaks College, and services are designed to save you time and money to meet your educational goals. We are committed to reducing the costs of course textbooks and materials through our curriculum accessibility plan. For most of our online courses, there are no tuition charges. Students from University can take part in online courses with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Such programs, including regular contact between student-teacher and student-student, include web-based instruction, online access to course content, and a wide range of activities.

In addition, online courses with New Oaks College-Cape Town are a convenient option for busy or working students. To older or full-time students, online graduation opportunities are often an option. Creating a lifetime of your own work schedule.