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The specialist roofing contractors we employ are skilled, knowledgeable and able to perform all sorts of roofing jobs at any scale of property. Even our roofers extend their roofing skills to the commercial sector, repairing and replacing the entire city’s business, office and storefront roofs. Our team is a professional roofing company that has completed hundreds of roofing services for all sizes and commercial structure configurations, so that we can handle whatever roofing needs are present at your business property. Since commercial buildings vary so widely in terms of function and property type, the types of roofing that we market to business clients frequently differ. We are deeply committed to you as our commercial roofing company, and will work hard to provide you with the best comprehensive work and experience possible. From the day we start our job to the moment our trucks drive away, our team of experts will be there to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the whole process.

It’s always best to replace the old one with a TEAR OFF roof instead of ROOF OVER. Most of the time we recommend removing your old roof completely, as we have to tackle the root of the problem before covering it up again. Unless the original roof is a single, trouble-free sheet (which we test for), it’s best to avoid any future issues with your roof by leaving the old roof on.

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We’re also providing repair packages for existing roofs. Both of our ventures are tracked and assured so call today to chat with one of our commercial roofing experts. As a result, suffering damage from heavy snowfall to gale force winds is not unusual for the roofs and structures. In many cases a full roof replacement is not needed. A patch can often fix the problem quickly and, depending on the age and health of the roofing system, in some cases for many years. If you think that your roof recently suffered damage due to inclement weather, or simply because of wear and tear, you need to act quickly. If left unaddressed, it can turn a damaged roof into a much bigger problem.
Depending on the location and severity of the problem, a damaged roof can cause a variety of problems including water damage, energy loss, structural degradation, mold damage and mildew damage. A professional roof inspection will provide you with the details you need to make an educated decision on how to fix your roof. We are proud to offer free, no-obligation roof inspections. Enable us to help you find the most cost-effective approach to fixing damage to your home roof.