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Sportaflex Fencing is now available and assembled into one piece to create a temporary, mobile, or compact outfield home run fence with no gaps or 200′ overlap from home plate.

Install with pole alone or with Optional Ground Sockets to speed up setup and removal. Simply roll up the temporary fence with the poles in place after down and you’ll be ready for a quick setup next time. 4’H clamping available in red, black or blue. Just imagine choosing our easy home run kits for your handy outfield fence as well.

On Deck Sports you’ve got a huge range of outfield fencing solutions for your baseball and softball area. To build a realistic baseball outfield scroll through our wide range of Sportaflex Fencing. From youth leagues to professional level, we offer complete in-ground and off-ground fencing solutions to compact, mobile, and temporary fencing. 

High schools, colleges, and other athletic facilities tend to phase out practices such as chain links to softball and other fencing on hard surfaces. Sportaflex Fencing Security provides a new, creative alternative that enhances security simultaneously while meeting the needs of all concerned.

Enhanced convenience for maintenance: Foul posts, foul territory mesh, mesh supports, and other parts will form part of the portable softball fence you get. These individual components make it quick and easy to install and disassemble (in less than 90 minutes), meaning you won’t experience any major headaches. When you’re done with it for the season, you can store it much more efficiently than other fencing methods and that also means you can re-use the fields during off-season for other sports.

Many body stores as well as other types of businesses and organizations need a secure area. Body shops with large back rooms need secure areas where cars and trucks can be stored away from suspicious and more sinister-intentioned individuals. Sportaflex Fence provides this form of fencing for anyone needing a secure area. If you want to keep your business in a private area, or keep people out, please contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.